It is not uncommon to lose as many as 9 pounds in 11 days without ever feeling hungry or deprived. Interestingly, you are encouraged to eat 4 meals every day, and you can eat as much as you want until you are satisfied, but not until you are too full. (Stuffing yourself is counterproductive to the fat loss process.) garcinia cambogia weight gain The Zone Diet: The Zone Diet is an effective eating plan that maximises fat loss, increases energy and improves health. Designed by biochemist Dr Barry Sears, his diet is based on the affect that food has on powerful hormones that affect both fat storage and health. This diet has been tested in clinical studies and has proven to be more effective than the conventional high carbohydrate, low fat diets. weight loss gum - Variation of mood during the day. It s often worse in the morning, improving as the day goes on -but the pattern can be the other way around. what foods are healthy to eat to lose weight However, aside from the weight loss pill boom, the media s effort to push people to become thinner has resulted in psychological damage. Even without the media at work, there will always be a segment of the population that would experience social anxiety because of their weight. Due to the emphasis on physical achievement and perfection among students, high school students typically, those who have more weight than the average student often end up being socially scorned. Large-built students who cannot find ways to compensate for their weight through activities such as sports often find themselves socially ostracized by their peers. After all, the media pushes the message “nobody wants to hang out with fat kids” rather strongly. Now, combine that with exposure to mass media, which pushes people to subconsciously dislike being “fat,” and the social anxiety simply gets worse. There are several studies behind the effects and the treatments for bulimia and anorexia, but very few have tackled the psychological issues and the social anxiety behind these eating disorders. weight loss pills for men If you want to go beyond this point, you need to change your diet and exercise regimen. fast diets for weight loss Tengo un Monoambiente | Estas viendo una pared de mi casa

Work in progress!

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Nada mas lindo que tomarse un tiempo para estar con uno, y decidir que puta hacer!

DSC02834 590x442 Work in progress!

Hoy decidí que voy a volver a escribir, que me  gusta hacerlo y se que a muchos tambien les re va como escribo, entonces: ¿Porque no?

Quiero volver a ser una blogger maldita haciendo reverencia a todos los escritores malditos que me abrieron la cabeza tambien lo hago para vos amiga rosa, para vos,  para los que vendrán, para los que ya estuvieron y demás…



Sagrado Monoambiente!

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MONOAMBIENTE ENTERO juan B 590x371 Sagrado Monoambiente!


MONOAMBIENTE Juan B 590x393 Sagrado Monoambiente!

MONOAMBIENTE Juan Barbieratti 590x470 Sagrado Monoambiente!

Podes ver Monoambiente hasta el 11 de Noviembre!!!!

Tengo el alma en pedazos!!!

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Regalame una pared llena de flores de mentira, con estampitas de santos que no conozca, con medallas que no brillen, decorada con collares para nenas, cintas gastadas y papel picado de mil colores.

Te ofrezco una vitrina, para que sea tu cajita de cristal, para que la llenes con restos de otra obra, para que acumules folletos del super, botellas vacías, velas usadas, y lucecitas navideñas.

Te doy las llaves de mi monoambiente para que las paredes de tu casa sigan siendo blancas por un rato más.


Txt: Georgina Ieraci